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How to Prepare Your Home for Siding Installation?

With your siding installation coming up, kudos to you for being proactive in preparing your home for the process. The good news is, the hard part is likely done for you. You’ve picked a contractor that is reliable and that you trust. The truth is, you usually don’t have to do much to prepare for an exterior remodel, but here are some ways to prepare anyway!

Preparing Inside

For your convenience and comfort, most of your prep time might be better off spent inside your home. Siding installation can be loud and obtrusive, just as any construction is. Your walls will likely shake and there will likely be a lot of banging due to hammering nails into the wall from outside. To make things smooth, more or less take down anything fragile or that you do not want to get damaged by accident. Some things to think about are picture frames, mounted televisions, and unsecured shelves. Sure, if the siding is being installed on one side of the house, and you have a hanging picture frame of grandma all the way on the opposite side, it might be fine. But it might be better off safe than sorry. It might also be a great idea to remove any air conditioning units in windows. If you work from home, you may want to soundproof yourself a little better or consider working somewhere quiet like a library for a little bit.

Preparing Outside

Preparing outside your home for siding installation mostly boils down to providing clearance to all sides of your home. We all like to store some stuff outside, and usually close to the house for safety and ease. However, consider everything you can when making access to your home’s siding easier. Do you have bicycles, toys, lawn equipment, or outdoor furniture nearby the outside of the home? Do you have any bushes or trees that are either in the way or might cause a falling hazard? If you have grass, it’s best to cut it short to make things clear and easy. Lastly, if you have any unique home features like light fixtures, shutters, or mailboxes on your home, they most likely will need to be removed prior to the siding installation.

Want to Make Sure Your Home is Prepared for Siding Installation?

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