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Few things are scarier than having a tree hit your roof. Tree strikes can cause a ton of roof damage, not just on the surface but also to the structure of the roof. They can be very dangerous, even leading to a total collapse of your roof.

If a tree hits your roof, it is important for you to get out of the house. If the storm is ongoing, you should take shelter in another covered area. That is because you could be in serious danger. Trees can collapse your entire roof. If you are unable to safely leave your home, you should get as far away from the area where the tree hit as possible. If you are in a multi-story home, you want to get to the lowest story.

The next thing you need to do is call a roofing repair company. We would love for you to call us, but even if you choose another roofer, you must contact a professional. It can be difficult to tell the extent of roofing damage. If you fix only the exterior damage, you can be left with a weakened roof, which puts you and your family at risk. So, you need a professional to assess the damage to your roof. Not only can a professional tell you what repairs need to be done, they can also give you an opinion about the structural integrity of your roof and whether it is safe to stay on the premises before repairs are completed.

Once you can safely do so, you should take photos of the interior and exterior damage to your home. When trees hit homes, you often have extensive interior damage that insurance will cover. However, you need to make sure to document it. Getting pictures when it happens, before you begin the cleanup process, is a great way to document that damage.

Even if you think the tree damage is limited to only a small part of your roof, you want to have the whole roof inspected. In storms that are severe enough to cause tree damage, there is often other flying debris. If the damage is substantial, you may find that you need a new roof. While this may sound like bad news, it may be a good time to have your homeowner’s insurance cover your claim. Indeed, Carl’s can work with you to provide a professional quote for both a repair and a replacement.

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Peter Lawrence
Peter Lawrence
15:27 29 Sep 22
Carl's Fencing gave me a prompt and timely estimate. The company kept me up-to-date regarding installation, and the installers were very professional and thorough. My fence is solid, high quality and the hardware work beautifully. And the cost was just what I expected. I'm very happy with Carl's and would recommend them to anyone.
dave abercrombie
dave abercrombie
12:35 05 Sep 22
Carl's team in Freehold recently built a pool deck for me and my family. The job was no small task as I asked them to connect to my existing deck and make it look seamless. To say they delivered is an understatement. I am extremely happy with the service, professionalism, and trustworthy employees at Carl's. The type of employees you know take pride in their work and get the job done right the first time. I have also referred 2 close friends and they had the exact same results. Thank you for everything and keep up the great work!!
Steffani Roselle
Steffani Roselle
16:57 30 Aug 22
Top notch experience from day one. Our sales rep was Dave Costello, he’s a big reason why we decided to use Carl’s. Very responsive, relatable and reasonable. The team that built our deck, Gary and his guys, were excellent. Our deck was made beautifully, had no issues with inspections and done in a timely fashion. I would highly recommend Carl’s to anyone entertaining the thought of a new deck. Thank you Tom & Ken for your help at the end. A+ service!
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