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Cleaning Gutter To Keep From Clogging

Bad Gutters and Their Impact on Roof Health

Gutters are meant to provide a drainage route for water to expediently and efficiently leave your roof and your house alone. However, gutters can often become neglected and become built up, or simply not even work. Bad gutters may not only cause issues for your roof, but can also potentially compromise the foundation of your home.

Build Up & Its Consequences

Gutters will get built up with debris over time. Even with a lot of debris, you may think water is still finding its way through. However, the water, potentially lots of it, can become trapped in the gutters. This can lead to algae, moss, mold, and other hazardous fungus that can affect the health of your roof.

Fungal growths will likely become your largest slow-burn issue. Fungus can find the gaps in your roof, leading mold, mildew, and other organisms giving them a way to infiltrate the inside of your home and create a direct health risk to you.

The look of your house will also drop dramatically. The green or black clusters will stick out like a sore thumb, and over time may become a threat to the structural integrity. This can compound with how clogged gutters can affect the foundation. The build-up of water itself can also erode and wear on the roof. Before any organism finds an opportunity to leak into your home, water will find it first. Then, once it’s in, it can damage your ceiling and lights, cause paint to peel, and cause mold and mildew in between the walls of your house.

Good Roof Health

As you can see, good gutter health is important for good roof health. Keep an eye for signs of a clogged gutter, such as a collapsed gutter, overflow, or leakages inside your home. Preventative maintenance will save you the most money, instead of repairing an issue after it has become an issue. Checking your gutters at a regular interval, especially after a storm, is good practice. So is cleaning your gutters out regularly so that water and debris won’t become built up. If you need help fixing your bad gutters or finding out the best ways to make your entire roof system healthier, then call us at 855-292-2757 (855 BY-CARLS)!

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