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Why Durable Siding Is Perfect For The Winter

Why Durable Siding Is Perfect for the Winter

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Have you noticed weather getting more extreme? From severe rain in the northeast to a freeze impacting the whole state of Texas, we are seeing drastic changes in our weather. Even in homes that are ready for the cold may not be set up to withstand these extreme conditions. They may not let in cold drafts, making your home uncomfortable and increasing your heating bill.

You can take steps to keep your home warmer. You probably already have your home well-insulated. However, keeping the heat inside starts on the outside. The type of siding you have can greatly impact how your house will stand up to the cold winter weather.

Durable siding like Hardie products are designed to withstand climate extremes. That means they can stand up to wet, frozen conditions.

Why is that important? Well, when you have snow on a house, you get a significant amount of added weight. As the snow drifts, it can push on the siding. You want siding that is resistant to movement, and which keeps out the cold and wet. The more flexible the siding is, the less likely it is to break or crack. Some types of siding are only designed to withstand mild weather extremes. Temperature shifts or unusual cold weather can lead to breaking and cracking.

One of the most durable types of siding is the Hardie board. The Hardie Zone System is a special type of siding specifically designed to withstand temperature and weather extremes. It is based on the climate zone, so that you can get the best performance. The result is boards that resist shrinking, cracking, and swelling. In return, they keep your home warm and dry. They are also great in hot weather. The same siding that keeps out the cold of winter can help deflect the summer sunshine!

Hardie products are an industry favorite. The Hardie Zone System is designed to handle year-round precipitation and seasonal temperature changes. They have a 30-year warranty. They are designed to resist injuries from wind, cold, and snow. They are fire-resistant, making them a great option for residential siding. Finally, they come in a variety of different styles, so you can use Hardie to get the look you want.

At Roofing by Carl’s, we offer several options for durable siding. We can go over the pros and cons of each selection, so that you can feel confident in the siding you choose. Contact us today to get started on an estimate.

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