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When is the Best Time to Repair Your Roof?

Have a roof you’re uncertain of that’s been around for 10, 20, or even 30 years? Finding things here and there that should be repaired? Not sure when the best time to repair your roof is? The truth is, you probably already know the answer.


The summer is the best time to repair your roof. The truth is, it is pretty universally the best time to do most kinds of construction, so you probably already guessed that right. The warm temperature and typically sunny and predictable weather make roofing during the summer the most straightforward.


Fall turns out to be the typical time to conduct a roof replacement. It’s not the worst time for repairs, but the unpredictable cold snaps and heat waves days after the other can throw a dent in repairs. Hurricane season also runs through this time. While New Jersey suffers less hurricanes then its neighbors to the South, they are still a real possibility when thinking about roof repairs. It might be best to stay on the safe side and repair your roof in the calm warmth of summer.


Winter has one advantage – it is a slower time of the year for most roofers. Though winter’s unpredictable weather patterns might make scheduling difficult. It’s worth considering that due to roofers having less work to do, they will most likely have more flexibility to work on your roof. Further, many standard, asphalt roof replacements are one to two jobs, which can help with winter scheduling difficulties due to weather.


Spring is a good time to repair your roof. By getting in on repairing your roof in early spring since the weather warms, you could get a jump on roofers and get your roof done before bad weather sets back in during fall and winter. Since winter weather can be harsh, it’s usually when you find problems in your roof anyways. By hopping on the problems early when it turns to spring and into summer, you can simply get your repairs out of the way and continue your year with ease.

When’s the Best Time to Consider Repairing Your Roof?

Right now! No matter the time, we can work with you to repair your roof swiftly, please call us at 855 By-Carls to learn more!

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