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Tips for Maintaining your PVC Roof

Your PVC roof is durable, easy to install, and lightweight. In fact, those are probably among the reasons why you installed it.

Or, maybe you installed it as an eco-friendly white roof option to reflect the sun and save on heating and cooling costs. Either way, while PVC roofing is fairly resistant to weather, chemicals, and the sun’s UV radiation, all building materials do not last forever. So here are some tips for maintaining your roof to get those 20-30 years of low-maintenance use out of it.

Remove Debris

You may be tempted to keep debris on the roof as an additional shield against the elements, especially UV radiation. However, any benefits from allowing debris to stay on your PVC roof are negligible compared to the benefits of removing debris when it comes to maintaining it.

Repair Leaks & Damages

While repairing leaks and damages is important to maintaining any roof, it must be said. Regularly inspecting your PVC roof will make maintaining it much easier. You will notice debris to move, where to clean, and any leaks or damages that need repairing. Any single repair could add years to your roof’s lifespan.

Clean Your PVC Roof

Cleaning your PVC roof involves a little more than simply clearing debris. Organic materials such as algae, leaves, needles, and small branches can easily be attracted to sticking to your roof. So pressure washing your roofing annually is critical to maintaining it. It’s best to hire a professional for this, as they will have all the gear necessary to pressure wash on the roof.

Clean Your Gutters

While you are looking to maintain your PVC roof, you should also inspect your gutters. Blockages there can cause water-damage issues all over your house, let alone with your roof. Cleaning your gutters is an essential aspect of maintaining your roof.

Looking for help Maintaining Your PVC Roof?

Schedule us for an inspection! We will analyze and give you the best tips when it comes to maintaining your roof at 855-292-2757 (855 By-Carls)!

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