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Saving on Energy Costs with a New Roof

Have you been worried about the rising costs of energy?

This summer, fuel costs have been outrageous.  While a recent decline in fuel prices has offered some relief, the reality is that energy prices are only going to increase over time.  That means that improving your home’s energy efficiency is not only good for the environment, but also for your budget.

Replacing An Old Roof

Replacing an old roof can result in a huge boost in efficiency, which translates to lower energy costs.  In addition, a new roof can get you savings on homeowner’s insurance.  Of course, you also get the benefits of improved curb appeal and a secure roof to protect you from all sorts of weather.

Saving on Energy Costs with a New Roof

You may wonder if now is the right time to replace your roof.  Many people are speculating that we are heading into a recession.  As a result, you may be thinking about avoiding any unnecessary spending.  While that is a reasonable thought, you have to look at the impact of inflation on the value of a dollar.  Who knows what a new roof might cost you in a year or two if inflation continues and the dollar gets devalued?

While saving is a good idea for a short-term financial dip, long-term financial planning means investing in the future. Buy a roof now and you can even finance it, paying for it over a longer period of time.  For many people, the monthly cost of a new roof is balanced by energy savings.

In fact, you may even be able to a roof with a high SRI.  What is the SRI?  It is the solar reflectance index, which measures how well your roof rejects heat. While the color of your roof matters, so does the material.  Some materials hold onto heat, while others reflect it.  The more reflective your roofing material, the less heat your roof, and your home, absorb.

In some parts of the country, roofers suggest materials with the highest possible SRI because summer cooling costs are much greater than winter heating costs.  In New Jersey, most of us pay more for our winter heating than we do for our summer air conditioning.  Therefore, we want roofs that increase our insulation but may not be as concerned about the SRI.  At Carl’s Roofing, we offer our customers different shingle options, so you can use energy cost projections to help you decide your choice.

Roof Venting & Energy Costs

We also focus on venting.  Your roof’s vents are there to help balance your home’s temperature. In the summer, hot air rises where it can be vented out of the roof, helping keep your home cooler. If the venting is not working properly, the hot air stays trapped inside. Roof vents also help balance the moisture in your home, preventing mold, mildew, and other water damage.

Ready to see all the ways a new roof can save you money?  Give us a call and schedule a free, no-hassle, no-obligation quote.

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